New Life – No Instructions
At our meetings, we share our stories and learn how to deal with grief in healthy ways. There is no one way or right way to grieve. Everyone’s path is different. What works for one person may not work for another. We learn from each other by sharing what has and hasn’t worked for each of us. Our members tell us that it is just a relief to be able to talk to others who understand what they are going through. We are all here to learn how to integrate the pain of our loss into this “new normal” of our lives and to find hope.
We usually have a topic selected for each meeting, but sometimes move to other topics, based on the needs of our members. Occasionally, we have a speaker. However, we always make time to share. You are welcome to share, but it is OK to just listen.
Sometimes, especially if you are new in your grief, it may be too difficult to speak. We understand. We have all been there. Most of us remember our first meeting and how hard it was to just get out of our car and make it into the building. But after we came in, we learned we weren’t going crazy – that what we were feeling was normal. We learned that we weren’t alone and that others understood. We learned that we will never “get over” the loss of our child, sibling, or grandchild, but that we will survive this and find hope again.

The meeting ends at 8:30 pm. Afterwards, many members stick around and get to know each other. Many make connections based on the age of the child lost or the cause of death.

All family members over the age of 18 are welcome. If you don’t have a family member to come with you, it’s fine to bring a friend for moral support.
What to Expect at a Meeting
  • Friendship
  • Understanding
  • Hope
  • Tears
  • Laughter
  • Comfort
Our Meeting Rules Are Simple
  • No comparing losses – everyone’s loss is devastating.
  • Be respectful – no interrupting.
  • No judgement – there is no right way or one way to grieve.
  • Your feelings are your feelings – no need to apologize for how you feel.
  • Confidentiality – who you see and what you hear here – stays here.
If you aren’t comfortable coming to a meeting check out the links in the Resources tab. There are lots of free resources available online, including many through the national TCF website and their partnership with Open to Hope. There are brochures, articles, webinars, online forums, and closed Facebook groups that are specific to the cause of death (suicide, substance abuse, illness, auto accident, etc.). There is support specific to siblings and grandparents. The chapter co-leaders are members of the Richmond Bereavement Coalition and get information about local support groups and events that are shared at meetings and via email. Help is just a click away. You are not alone.
The Compassionate Friends RVA
Meets 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
the last Tuesday of every month
at St. Matthias’ Episcopal Church or via Zoom (check home page for info)
11300 W. Huguenot Road, Midlothian, VA 23113


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