Ways to Support Us       
There are no dues or fees to attend meetings and no one is expected to donate. Our chapter is self-supporting through donations made in memory of a child or other donations made directly to the chapter.  We are a tax exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. These donations enable us to be here for the families that need us.
Chapter funds are used for:
  • Welcome Packets for new members
  • Chapter phone 
  • Website and community outreach
  • Purchasing TCF brochures and printing of other materials
  • Candle Lighting service expenses
  • Annual dues to TCF national 
  • Training for chapter leadership
Our chapter is run by volunteers and we are always looking for people to help out with the various functions and events. If you have an interest, please reach out to any member of the Steering Committee. Volunteering to help does not mean you have to make a long-term commitment. You can volunteer to help with just one event. 

To make a donation by mail:
The Compassionate Friends RVA  
P.O. Box 36443
Richmond, VA 23235

To donate online:

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There is a way to support the chapter that will not cost you anything!
Do you shop at Kroger?
We are in Kroger’s Community Rewards program and when you link your Kroger card to our chapter, Kroger will donate a percentage of what you spend. You simply need to enroll your card and select The Compassionate Friends #1422 or enter our Kroger non-profit (NPO) number of PQ998
To enroll your card:
    • Pick up a Kroger Plus card at any Kroger service desk - you can ask Customer Service to link your card
      or you can go to: http://www.kroger.com/
    • Click on Sign In / Register
    • Sign up by inputting your zip code or clicking on your favorite Kroger store
    • Once verified, click on My Account
    • Click on Edit Kroger Community Rewards
    • Enter our non-profit number of PQ998 or The Compassionate Friends #1422
Kroger will send our chapter a small percentage of your purchases - and it doesn’t cost you anything!  
 Please share this information with  your friends and family and encourage them to support the chapter! Thanks in advance
“The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are stronger at the broken places.”
- Ernest Hemmingway

Special thanks to Harold Lanna of Lanna Photography for the use of the photos on 
this website, in memory of his son, Kevin Lanna.


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